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About AVA

AVA wine + spirits, LLC distributes wholesale wine and spirits throughout the state of Wisconsin with a focus on Metro Madison, Fox Valley, Metro Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin. Our key focus and namesake is AVA or “all viticultural areas”, representing the best of wine regions the world over. The wines, people, and farming are all essential to our story and brand building. We choose our portfolios with care, and pride ourselves on it being a “team’ effort.  We focus on avoiding redundant offerings or similar price points, and bringing world-class wines to our market. Within each of the AOC’s, DOCG’s, D.O.’s, and AVA’s, we strive to offer three tiers of pricing & quality to enhance the buyer’s choices and needs.

Best in Class Customer Service

As successful entrepreneurs outside of the wine industry, our directors understand better than anyone the absolute requirement of outstanding customer service. As savvy business people, they have also surveyed the market and understand that our competition is failing in this area, not only in terms of dealing with purchasers, but dealing with suppliers as well.

AVA wine + spirits, LLC differentiates itself within the market in a number of ways:

We Leverage Technology and Distribution Expertise

While face to face contact is still vital in the sales arena there is no escaping the impact technology has had on every industry. We readily embrace technology and allocate capital resources to having cutting edge applications available to keep both suppliers and purchasers informed with real time data and access to online ordering. Additionally, our director’s expertise in the trucking, warehousing and distribution industries provides an invaluable asset to assisting with our growth in new markets in Wisconsin and across the nation.

We seek out niche opportunities

Wine, like money, is a commodity. In order to be successful AVA Wine & Spirits actively seeks out and leverages opportunities to differentiate itself in the delivery of the products we represent.  Focusing on private clubs and, subsequently, the specialty wine shops in the areas surrounding those clubs who service the membership is an untapped market. Additionally, utilizing our existing relationships to introduce our products to large, public venues such as sport facilities, convention halls and casinos results in large direct sales as well as exposure for our portfolio products to a large segment of the population who visit those sites.


To us, this is and always will be the most important trait which makes AVA Wine & Spirits successful, for without passion there is no drive. If there is no drive, there will be no growth. At the forefront, we are passionate about wine. Whether studying for a sommelier designation, purchasing a world renowned vineyard or arranging winemaker dinners as a hobby, the passion for wine at the company goes without question. Complimenting this is the passion for starting, nurturing and growing companies. The educational and real life entrepreneurial and corporate experience of our directors, complimented by their access to capital and personal relationships, positions the company for significant growth both in the short and long term. As we grow, succeed and prosper, the brands we represent will also grow, succeed and prosper.

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